Lou (heffermonkey) wrote,

Fic: Que Sera, Sera (Steve/Danny, NC17 - Mpreg)

Author/Artist: heffermonkey
Title: Que Sera, Sera
Rating: NC17
Warnings/Spoilers: MPreg, AU
Summary: Danny Williams has decided to be a surrogate within the governments new Paternal Programme. Steve McGarrett has decided he wants his life to consist of more than work and his career. Unexpectedly the two are thrown together via a mix up at the insemination clinic. Let the fun commence.
Prompt: Prompt Found Here
Huge thanks to goldenthroat & amaryllisssa for beta, read throughs, thoughts and encouragements.


Link to Fic - Que Sera, Sera
Tags: character: danny williams, character: steve mcgarrett, fandom: h50, fic: h50, rating: nc17
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