Fic - Rare Pairs: Lovers

Title - Rare Pairs: Lovers
Fandom - Hawaii Five 0
Characters/Pairings - Mary McGarrett/Matthew Williams, Charlie Fong/Steve McGarrett, Kono Noshimuri/Adam Noshimuri, Danny Williams/Adam Noshimuri
Summary - A series of One Shots in answer to the Rare Pairs Challenge set at 1_million_words.  Not all rare pairs in the traditional sense, but also pairings rare to me (EG Kono/Adam I never usually write, even though I love them in the show).
Warnings - Some spoilers for Season Six, see chapter notes for which story.

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A/N - Suggestions for Rare Pairs (within the H50 Fandom) are welcome, post in comments - you never know what may be inspired.
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Fic : Before the Dawn (Steve/Danny, PG13, AU)

Title - Before the Dawn
Fandom - H50
Characters - Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett
Summary - Written as a prequel/companion piece for New Dawn .  It's a rainy Monday morning when the world changes.
A/N - Was pondering on how to use the prompts when the muse was struck by a lightbulb.  I've wanted to write more in this AU for a while, so these prompts have helped greatly.

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Seven Lines Meme

Stealing this Seven Lines Meme which is cropping up on my f*list - Basically unearth those WIP's you have hidden in folders -

Seven Lines from the Seventh Page of Seven WIP's (or thereabouts)  Doing this I realised I have a lot of WIP's, some will never see the light of day


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Fic: Petals and Ink (H50, AU, Steve/Danny, Mary - NC17)

Title - Petals and Ink
Fandom - Hawaii Five 0
Characters - Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Mary McGarrett
Summary - Mary McGarret opens a flower shop 'Petals' across the street from a tattoo parlor 'Ink', owned by Danny Williams.  When Danny crosses paths with Mary's brother, Steve, they hit it off right away.  But as their relationship deepens, secrets begin to surface from their pasts.
A/N - This started as a one off short fic written for a flash AU challenge at 1_million_words - the idea began to fester and the muse jumped on board, so here we are,twenty plus chapters in and the end not quite in sight, but I'm getting there.


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Fic 1 -
Title - Drunk Mind, Sober Heart
Fandom - H50
Characters - Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams
Rating - PG13
Summary - Danny gets drunk, Steve rescues him from a bar, flirting ensues and somewhere in between, Danny opens up about his brothers death.

Fic 2 :
Title - Immersed
Fandom - H50
Characters - Steve/Danny/Chin, Grace Williams
Rating - PG13
Summary - A day at the beach goes horribly wrong. The family deal with the aftermath.
A/N - Based in my '3 Men and a Little Lady' series.

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Fic: Fragmented (Steve/Danny, NC17, A-Z Challenge)

Title - Fragmented
Fandom - H50
Characters - Steve/Danny
Summary -  Danny has been kidnapped and trapped in a box.  He is rescued, but some wounds take longer to heal.  How will he and Steve adapt, adjust and move on.
Set in my 'Possession' verse (Dom!Steve/sub!Danny).
A/N - So the plot may differ as the story moves on as I know where I'm starting but over the course of twenty six chapters, who knows where we'll end up.  Hurt/Comfort for at least the first few chapters.

Written for the A-Z Challenge @ 1_million_words community

Chapter A - Algid, meaning cold, chilly