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Fic: Break me down, Build me up 20/? (Danny/Victor - NC17)

Title: Break me down, Build me up
Author: heffermonkey
Characters & Pairing: Danny Williams, Victor Hesse, OCs, eventual Danny/Victor
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kidnapped by Victor Hesse, Danny is slowly deconstructed. Resistant at first, Danny falls under Victor's possessive control, renouncing anything to do with his former life. But is all hope lost?
Spoilers: None
Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | eleven | twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen |Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty One | Twenty Two

previously -

It's just, important to me, that he understands even part of this, of what you're doing for me. I need him to acknowledge who you are, from my point of view. He'll never understand unless he experiences it. Even just a small part of it. It's working Victor, you just need to be patient."

Victor laughed at that and gave Danny's fingers a squeeze again, sinking back into his chair. "Maybe I do need to be a little more patient, with him at least. With you, well as I said, I've been neglectful. That will have to be rectified."

It was on the tip of Danny's tongue to question what Victor meant by that, but he didn't. He knew he'd find out soon enough.


They retired to the bedroom soon after, Victor decidedly predatory, stripping Danny down like he was desert. Once divested of his clothes Danny found himself laid out on the bed, Victor stretched out over him, mouth and tongue demanding and passionate against his own. Danny always found Victor even more attractive like this, possessive and dominant, giving him no chance to think or question. All Danny had to do was surrender and he willingly did as Victor's tongue licked the inside his mouth and he felt the insistent presence of cock pressing heavy into his thigh.

Somehow between the press of Victor's body and greedily swallowing down his kisses, Danny managed to get his hands into motion, unzipping Victor's pants and sliding in seeking fingers where he could rub the stiffening cock. Victor let out a small moan of enjoyment and leaned into the touch, awkward though it was. Danny panted as he pulled his mouth away, wetness dragging from his mouth to his ear as Victor traced his jawline with his tongue.

"You want that?" Victor teased, a low whisper in Danny's ear and he pushed into Danny's hand again.

Danny didn't know what turned him on more, the way Victor asked or the way Victor moved, or a combination of both and the knowing of how it would feel when Victor fucked him. He tightened his fingers and squeezed invitingly and Victor's teeth nipped against his ear lobe.

"Yeah, I want it Victor," Danny managed to reply, knowing he already sounded halfway gone. "Want you to fuck me."

"Did he ever do this for you Daniel?" Victor asked him with a dark, knowing tone.

Danny felt suddenly winded, frozen at the thought of what Victor was asking.

Victor didn't stop as he spoke, keep rolling his hips with clear intention, mouth sucking at Danny's neck before he moved lower, tongue laving over his clavicle. He paused and hot breath burned Danny's skin.

"Did you want him? Did you fantasize about him, want him to fuck you? Did he ever get this close to you?"

Danny's heart thumped harder in his chest and he clamped his lips closed, excitement and passion quickly waning from Victor's questions. The meaning behind them.

Victor drew upwards again, looking down at him with knowing eyes. Danny felt too exposed under the scrutiny, the first time he'd been asked outright, by anyone, about his relationship with Steve. There'd been - something - or the lingering temptation of something but they'd, neither of them, acted on it.

It seemed a lifetime ago - before Victor, yet he felt guilty for those feelings, what they represented. Even having remnants of them felt like he was betraying Victor somehow.

Victor kissed him and Danny felt shamed, unable to respond like he wanted, like he should.

"Is this what you wanted from him?" Victor said gently and Danny couldn't answer, mute and confused. Why now - why did Victor need to talk about it now? "Is that why you care so much? Because you could have had this with him, if only."

Danny withdrew his hand from where it had settled snuggly against Victor's hardening cock. It was hopeless to deny it, agonising to admit it and he felt at a loss as to what to say.

"Victor," he started, as if to explain.

"It's only a problem if it's how you still feel," Victor said reassuringly, bending down and kissing him again.

Danny tried to relax again but the implications, Victor's words had shaken him in a way he hadn't expected. Victor's lips mouthed at his encouragingly.

"Kiss me," Victor whispered, tongue pressing between his lips.

Danny responded, slackening his mouth, welcoming Victor's caresses. Victor hummed, pleased, against his mouth and pressed harder, searching for more. Danny forced himself to respond, pressing up as Victor pushed down, a hand spreading into Victor's hair, holding on gently.

They both gasped for air when Victor pulled back, a dark meangingful look in his eyes. Danny felt a shiver run down his spine from that look alone and his body responded again. Like Victor said, it didn't matter how he'd once felt for Steve, as long as those feelings didn't exist any more. Maybe, before Victor, they'd have reached this stage in their relationship. Danny had trouble imagining Steve as an equal to Victor's passionate way. Theirs would have been a decidedly different relationship and doubtful would have lasted very long. Danny knew Steve wouldn't have given him the same kind of stability Victor offered or would even have understood that Danny needed it.

Victor had moved to reach over the bed to the cabinet, digging into the drawer for the lube he kept there. He leaned back on his knees as Danny spread his legs wider on the bed, bending at the knees and settling his feet solid on the mattress for better access. Victor was still fully clothed, a personal kink Danny had discovered he had every time Victor decided on a quick fuck. More than once Danny had found himself bent over a desk, a table, up against a wall while Victor fucked him on a spur of the moment urge, Victor's clothed thighs rubbing against his bare skin. At times it was like Victor couldn't get enough and Danny liked nothing better than to feed his addiction of getting his fill of him.

"Pull your legs back," Victor told him with a leer as he removed his shirt, tossing it to the side of the bed. Pushing back the boundries of his pants, he revealed his swelling cock before he popped the lid of the lube.

Danny hooked his hands behind his knees, lifting them up and laying back, watching Victor stroke himself as he spread lube onto his cock. He gave a moan of satisfaction just seeing Victor preparing himself, dropped his head to the pillow and waited, offering himself up to him.

"Fuck Daniel, you're so beautiful," Victor whispered, voice cracking. It was rare Victor lost himself so early when it came to love making and Danny felt a twist in his gut as he listened, knowing it was himself who drove Victor to such distraction. He tipped his head a little to watch, Victor still stroking himself, staring down at him with hooded eyes. "Fuck, is this what you want Daniel? Want me to fuck you, make love to you, make you mine?"

"Yes," Danny croaked out, barely a whisper. "Always yours. Fuck please Victor, touch me, fuck me, I'm yours, please."

It seemed a struggle for Victor to stop and Danny wouldn't have cared if Victor had just jerked himself to completion right there instead of fucking him. But Victor pulled himself together enough to drip more lube onto his fingers, putting two straight at Danny's hole. Danny breathed deep and relaxed, waited for the push and let out the breath as Victor eased the fingers in.

"Oh fuck, yes," Danny panted as the fingers speared and twisted, teasing the muscles to relax.

"You like that baby?" Victor whispered and it was a rare use of the endearment. Danny managed to nod and bore down on the fingers eagerly.

"More Victor, please, more," Danny said, moaning deep as Victor pulled back and applied a third finger, stretching him wider. "Oh fuck, mhmm, fuck Victor please, want you in me - fuck please, please."

"Open yourself wider for me," Victor soothed, withdrawing his hand and pushing Danny's knees further apart with his other. "Show me."

Danny dropped his knees wider, hands gripping the underside of his knees tight as he pulled back.

"Yes, just like that," Victor sighed, leaning over and pressing a kiss to Danny's left knee. "Keep yourself like that for me. You have no idea how fucking gorgeous you are do you Daniel? He didn't want you like this did he? He didn't get to see how beautiful a lover you can be, when you just give yourself up to it. Offer yourself up to someone like this."

As he spoke Victor leaned over him, hand settling by his head and Danny could feel the blunt press of cock teasing his entrance.

"No," Danny replied with a shudder, "Only for you Victor. Nobody else. Fuck please Victor, I'm yours, only yours."

"Yes, you are," Victor said possesively, pressing in slow. "Mine, all mine Daniel. Nobody else, just me and you. I own you don't I baby? Only I can make you feel like this, make love to you like this."

"Oh fuck, oh fuck Victor yes," Danny gasped out, feeling himself stretch round Victor's thick shaft. Victor went slow, determined to drag this out for the both of them.

"Open your eyes, look at me Daniel," Victor soothed gently, gently rocking his hips as he slid further into Danny.

Danny forced his eyes open and stared up at Victor, sure his eyes relayed everything he was feeling, everything he felt for him. Victor's eyes were like liquid emotion, strong and possessive, powerful and lusting as they stared back into his.

"Mmm yes, keep your eyes open for me, want to see what I do to you," Victor said, smile edging his lips.

As he rocked his hips he reached down between them, grasping Danny's hard cock in his hand.

"Need me to take care of this for you?" Victor teased, forming an 'O' with this thumb and forefinger and running them up and down the shaft.

Danny found it hard to keep his eyes open, swallowed down and tried to concentrate even as a small groan escaped his lips. He managed a nod and Victor smirked.

"Like this?" Victor continued to tease, his fingers moving up and down his cock the same speed as he rocked into him.

"Fuck, oh fuck," Danny gasped and stared hard at Victor just to make sure he kept his eyes open. "Yes Victor, just like that, perfect, perfect."

"You're perfect," Victor responded, "My perfect Daniel."

"Yes," Danny agreed, wanting more.

"Want to come for me baby? Or are you going to stay hard for me, show me how much you love this, how your body craves me," Victor teased, fingers tightening a little more as he shifted his hips at a slow pace.

"Fuck not yet, not yet," Danny said with a moan, not wanting to give in to the pleasure too quickly.

"Your choice," Victor said with a smile, bending his head to lick at Danny's lips a moment, forcing himself in deeper and Danny's hips lifted up and back a little more from the angle. He withdrew his hand from it's caress of Danny's cock and used it as leverage on the bed. "Stay hard for me until you get permission to come."

Danny let out a deeper groan, the position awkward and almost painful. He lay his head back into the pillows, focus getting weaker as he fought the urge to close his eyes, to put his head back and arch up into Victor. Victor shifted, hands either side of Danny's head as he braced himself better, picking up the pace as he thrust into Danny.

"Fuck," Danny gasped out every time Victor slid in, "Oh fuck."

"Just like that? You want it Daniel?" Victor growled, gritting his teeth as he fucked into Danny's willing body.

"Fuck yes, yes, fuck more," Danny groaned, fingers gripping hard to his legs as he held himself open to Victor.

Victor's body was sheening with sweat and Danny wanted to touch him, to feel his fingers slide over that heated, taught body. He wanted to hold Victor and feel his muscles tense and move as he fucked him, full of power and energy. Instead his eyes roved over his lover, took in the intense look in his eyes, the slackness of his jaw as he concentrated. The definition of muscles in his arms as he held himself up, the way his chest shifted with every pulled in breath. Sweat beaded his brow and upper lips, Danny wanted to lick it, taste the saltiness that would always be the taste of Victor on his lips.

Victor pulled back a little and paused, cock resting just inside Danny's hole, re-adjusting himself, drawing his knees up and spread either side of Danny's ass. He grabbed Danny's ankles and Danny felt Victor's fingers tighten round them, holding them apart as he rocked his hips, hitting his prostate in the process.

"Touch yourself," Victor grunted out as he ground his hips forward again. "Fuck Daniel, touch yourself for me. Show me how you like it."

Danny wrapped a hand round his cock and stroked himself slowly, concentrating on not bringing himself off. His other hand gripped the sheets like it would somehow stave off the build of the orgasm starting to pool in his hips and belly, a pressing feeling he knew was going to be a struggle to hold off.

"Fuck yes just like that," Victor approved, jutting his hips forward. Danny groaned as he felt the blunt head of Victor's cock sliding against his prostate.

"Victor," he gasped out breathless.

"So fucking beautiful," Victor whispered through clenched teeth, lifting up a little, working his hips faster as he started to pound into Danny. "Oh fuck, your such a cock tease Daniel."

Danny was finding it hard to concentrate, moving his hand jerkily as Victor's hips pistoned into him fast and hard. The thrusts were short but hit his prostate every time and he was aware his words had slurred into load groans of appreciation and pleasure. He gave in to the feelings and lay his head back, eyes closed, back arching in response as Victor drove every nerve in his body into overload.

"Yeah baby, fuck, look at you," Victor's voice was hoarse, cracked. Danny knew he was close, the grip on his ankles tight enough to leave bruises, the thrusts becoming more intent and purposeful. "Look at me Daniel, want to see your eyes when you come for me."

Danny had to force himself to open his eyes and it was a struggle, prefferring to just lay there and get fucked, feel everything Victor was giving him. He dragged in another breath and looked at Victor, moaning just from the look in Victor's eyes.

"Fuck you going to come for me Daniel? Want to feel you when you come, see you lose it, all for me. You need to come for me?" Victor's voice seemed to seep into his skin and Danny shuddered and nodded in response, whispering 'yes, yes, yes'.

"Yeah, you want to come for me don't you? Move your hand faster, just how you like it," Victor urged him on. "Yeah squeeze your cock, show me what you got for me baby. You feel me fucking you, owning you? Come for me Daniel, oh fuck, fuck yeah."

Danny felt like he couldn't breathe, Victor's words dragged him to the edge and pushed him over. He tried to keep focus with Victor as he came, eyes burning into his lovers, feeling his come as it spurted out in stripes onto his chest, his stomach, making his grip slippery round his shaft, Victor's cock riding him through it. He could feel his inner muscles squeezing round the hard cock pounding his ass and Victor's fingers holding his flexing legs as his body tensed and arched before losing all capability to operate.

Victor continued to fuck him, urged on by his trembling body and Danny moaned, sensitive to every thrust and Victor's cock still hitting his prostrate.

"Victor," he groaned, body shuddering with the continued onslaught. "Victor fuck, oh fuck."

Victor's fingers slid from his ankles to the back of his knees, stretching him wider and his hips picking up their pace as Victor chased his own end over the precipice.

"Yes Daniel, fuck yes, yes" Victor gasped and his final thrusts penetrated hard, his cock spilling his seed deep inside Danny, hitting his prostate and causing him to moan low and deep in response as he shuddered.

Victor finally stilled, buried deep inside him as he let go of his legs. Danny wrapped them loose around Victor's waist, wanting to keep him close, reaching up and urgently pulling Victor down to him. He sloppily kissed him as Victor breathed harsh against his mouth, barely responding to the kiss, sated for the moment. Danny wrapped his arms around him and held him, mouth open and breathing deep against his shoulder. They lay like that for a time, Danny welcoming the heavy weight of Victor on top of him, the softness of Victor's cock still in him until Victor shifted his legs, stretching out, cock slipping from Danny's sensitive hole.

Danny shivered and missed the intrusion but Victor didn't move far, rolling to his side, Danny following, needing the closeness. He always craved being held after they fucked and Victor rarely refused. Eventally Victor sighed, rubbing a hand over Danny's arm where it clung around his chest.

"Well, that was fucking hot," he said and Danny didn't need to see the smile on his face to know it was there.

He turned his head and buried his face into Victor's chest a moment, giving a smile himself before he pressed his lips against the skin, teasing his teeth softly against the flesh a moment. Victor shifted a little under the tease, fingers running into his hair and giving a small tug to stop it. Lifting his face, Danny propped his chin on Victor's chest and took in the satisfied ease on his features.

"It could never have been like this with him," Danny said honestly, fingers ghosting over Victor's nipple where his hand lay. "Only you know how to make me feel like this. Know what to give me, what to take from me. You know me better than I know myself."

Victor looked at him softly and gave a small smile. "You just needed someone to pay attention, take contol of you and bring you into line. See how you respond to life now Daniel, so calm, controlled. I doubt any other lover has seen you so pliant, so responsive to their touch. He'd never understand that part of you that needed to be brought under submission, for your own piece of mind."

"Do you really think he's a lost cause?" Danny asked quietly, feeling Victor's fingers softly rubbing against his spine.

"No - I think you've got good instinct," Victor replied gently. "I just think you need to let go of any former feelings, hidden or otherwise that may impede your judgement of him. If he thinks you still have those feelings for him he's only going to try and use them to his advantage as long as he resists."

"I did feel - something - for him, once" Danny admitted. "But we never got to a point of acting on it and well now -."

"Now?" Victor asked expectantly, hand sliding up his back and into Danny's hair.

"Now I have you," Danny sighed. "I don't want anyone else. I love you Victor."

Victor responded to that with a smile, rolling towards him, hand tangled into his hair to pull his head back and Danny offerred his mouth up willingly to the kiss Victor bestowed on him.

Tags: character: danny williams, character: victor hesse, fandom: h50, fic series: break me down (h50), rating: nc17

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